Idea Peddler is looking for an Account Manager to join our growing team.

About You:

You are an individual who thrives on building strong relationships but has an insatiable desire to get sh*t done. You have some experience in advertising and are eager to grow your exposure and understanding across a variety of functions (media, creative, pr, and social). You thrive coordinating teams and creating collaboration to build on requests and exceed expectations.

A great fit for our team is/has:

  • A collaborative consensus builder
  • 3+ years of experience in client-facing roles within an ad agency environment
  • Organized, thorough, accountable
  • Self-driven, motivated, and has a strong vision for their personal growth
  • Fun, easy to work with, and get along with. Understands that nothing in advertising is a true emergency and truly enjoys the work, including all of its silliness and flaws.
  • Comfortable using cloud-based collaboration tools for day-to-day team and client organization and project management

About the Role:

You will support on key accounts and aim to lead on smaller accounts, with support from either a functional department lead or an account lead. You will immerse yourself in the client’s businesses and help bring their requests to fruition. You will work to understand enough about each functional agency service to be able to understand what client requests take to deliver and manage expectations clearly.

  • Lead client status calls. Create the status document, and be able to speak to the status of each project by being prepared with intra-agency communication in advance of the meeting. You’ll take great notes during the meeting, provide follow-up/recap emails, and run internal client status meetings in order to get work delivered on time based on client expectations.
  • Be the client’s go-to. You develop rapport, trust, and lasting relationships that they value and know they can lean on to help achieve their goals.
  • Have clear and open feedback with the functional/departments if a work deliverable is not meeting client expectations. Be able to communicate the why and how to get it there.
  • Identify and elevate problems that are creating roadblocks to work getting done effectively. Raise a flag if you sense client unease, unsatisfactory results/performance, or lack of resources/know-how to get the job done.
  • Support in the creation of visually compelling, direct, and aesthetically-appealing decks that keep clients up to date on things like campaign process, ideation direction, and overall relationship progress. Gather information and input from functional leads to deliver thorough and accurate informational updates in the form of monthly/quarterly client reporting.
  • Support and deliver on ad-hoc client requests that require strategy or general business recommendations. Help create POVs on marketplace trends that may impact our clients’ business and keep clients informed of emerging news.
  • Keep a regular tempo of the client’s needs and work deliverables, moving adeptly and easily from one week to the next to continue the cadence of team movement and deliverables towards the larger brand goals.
  • Guide and oversee the creative and functional teams’ projects/product delivery to ensure there are no “last-minute surprises” of presentation day.
  • Lead the development of award submissions in collaboration with and support from the PR team. Think with results in mind from the brief to ensure you have at least 50% of your clients’ work ready for award submission annually.
  • Manage budget across all non-media teams to ensure that projects remain in scope and that any additional resources that are required are done so in a cost-effective manner.
  • Coordinate with the finance team to ensure proper monthly billing and project billing for everything from one-offs to retainers and all the sub-costs in between.
  • Light travel required, up to 15-30% of the time.

What does success in this role look like?

  • 95%+ NPS from clients’ quarterly business ratings
  • <5% account churn on your clients/projects
  • 90% project/client renewal rate
  • Easily cross-sell services to clients who are in need
  • Award-worthy work comes from your accounts
  • Ability to juggle a variety of clients and accounts at any given time
  • Low to no errors or mistakes, from spelling/grammatical to financial

About Idea Peddler:

What’s it like to work at Idea Peddler?

We’re the rehab for big agency life. If you love doing smart and thoughtful work but hate the big agency bureaucracy and B.S., Idea Peddler might be the place for you. With appreciative and purpose-driven clients, a caring and transparent team culture, and true work-life balance, Idea Peddler is a place where you can thrive based on your own drive; a true meritocracy. In addition to having the chops to concept and execute campaigns flawlessly, curiosity, adventure, and a damn good attitude will carry you far here. We are a team of self-starters who hold dear our core values of adventure, discernment, motivation, and no B.S.

Idea Peddler, founded in 2011, is a full-service advertising agency that offers big agency expertise with boutique agency service. We create bespoke campaigns that deliver on clients’ unique goals and follow through with exceptional execution.