Idea Peddler is looking for a full-time seasoned Media Supervisor to join our growing team!

About You:

You’re an experienced media planner/buyer and have cut your teeth as an Associate or Coordinator at a big agency or on big brands. You are impatient for growth, success, and autonomy but come across as warm and amiable to all those you work with. You love the opportunity to influence outcomes through your adept social and diplomatic skills. You have a natural curiosity and tend to be a proactive self-starter. You relish the opportunity to tackle big projects on your own using a combination of your acquired skills and experience, newly discovered research, and cross-pollination from other best-in-class work. You despise being bored or being told: “that’s not your job” when you’ve raised your hand to take on more. With time, you’re loyal to a great team you can rely on as much as they rely on you. You’re eager to take this opportunity as a fast-growth track to more leadership.

A great fit for our team:

  • Is motivated, fast-paced, and meticulous
  • Has interest or experience in all facets of media including online and offline
  • Is confident in their writing, PowerPoint building, and presentation abilities
  • Has ideally majored in advertising or media or worked at a big agency and is ready to be recognized for their work faster
  • Can take direction and prioritize to execute work independently, with support for questions when needed
  • Desires to pursue a career in media and communications and demonstrates that by continually reading and keeping up to date on what’s happening next
  • Is on a one year track to AMD promotion

About the Role:

In this position you will work with a fast-paced, outcome-oriented team to build, present, and execute strategic and tactical media recommendations using a mix of media channels. You will have support and direction from a seasoned Media Director and will have the opportunity to manage and develop a Media Associate. You will use research and data to inform recommendations and implement effective in-market campaigns, optimizing along the way and delivering results. You will have the opportunity to own client relationships, including day-to-day communication, plan presentations, reporting presentations and other ad hoc presentations.

Using your knowledge, experience, and expertise in the world of media, you’ll create recommendations that are innovative and changing regularly with the needs of the client and the shifting patterns of consumer behavior. You’ll regularly deliver and communicate thoughtful problem solving with guidance from your director, data from partners, and self-sourced data.

Specific responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Client Leadership:
    • Clients will give you a problem, you come up with a unique, media-based offering solution to it. This may involve researching new opportunities, digging into historic data to see what’s worked in the past, or leveraging vendor relationships to create bespoke opportunities.
  • Critical Thinking:
    • Reviewing campaign performance to understand key takeaways and necessary optimizations.
    • Provide clients with thoughtful responses, answers to questions, and point-of-views using good judgment and critical thinking.
  • Communications:
    • Communicating complex media nuances in simple terms, using layman terminology.
    • Reliable and accurate follow-through and follow-up on all projects.
  • Intuitive skills:
    • Develop trust and confidence from clients.
  • Project variety
    • A typical day varies widely from strategic research and deck building, to in-platform investigation of audience delivery issues.
  • Detail focus:
    • Use a critical eye to check your associate’s work; ensuring buy details, pacing, and reporting are accurate.

About Idea Peddler:

What’s it like to work at Idea Peddler?

We’re the rehab for big agency life. If you love doing smart and thoughtful work, but hate the big agency B.S., Idea Peddler might be the place for you. With appreciative and purpose-driven clients, a caring and transparent team culture, and true work-life balance, Idea Peddler is a place where you can thrive based on your own drive; a true meritocracy. In addition to having the chops to concept and execute campaigns flawlessly, curiosity, adventure, and a damn good attitude will carry you far here. We are a team of self-starters who hold dear our core values of adventure, accountability, discernment, motivation, and no B.S.

Idea Peddler, founded in 2011, is a full-service agency that offers big agency expertise with boutique agency service. We create bespoke campaigns that deliver on clients’ unique goals and follow through with exceptional execution. In uncertain times, ideas win. Ideas that inspire. Ideas that shift behavior. And ideas that create growth. Idea Peddler holds true to the promise of doing good work for nice people.